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The second meeting of the ICU4Covid consortium

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The second meeting of the ICU4covid team took place in the city of Aachen in Germany. The meeting was full of excitement on the part of all the partners who arrived at that long-awaited moment when they would be able to meet each other after months of virtual communication.

After the meeting began the partners went straight to work, they were updated on the progress of the project among the various participating countries, they discussed its possible impact on international and local communities and highlighted the fundamental change the project can make among hospitals through advanced telecommunications.

ICU4covid seeks to implement an advanced telecommunications system among medical communities and hospitals across Europe, with the aim of establishing fast and advanced communication between all of them, making them an advanced ecosystem of medical information.

One of the key understandings reflected in the session is the understanding that in the current medical reality, the ability of hospital staffs to rely on multinational data is crucial and can save lives.

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