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Publications in the Portuguese media

The ICU4COVID project is gaining momentum and receiving media coverage in the countries in which it operates. We see this as a great privilege and an opportunity to expose our activities among large new audiences. We have gathered here some examples sent to us by our partners in Madeira who do a great job with the Portuguese media.

A local article reviewing the project and its implementation as part of the pilots currently scattered across Europe. Feel free to enter the video article and get a practical perspective from patients and medical staff.

The Portuguese CNN channel interviewed Professor Jardin-Gonçalves, our project coordinator. In an interview, Professor Jardin-Gonçalves reviews the main points of the project and the tremendous potential impact of innovative technology on patients' lives.

A little more of what our partners are doing

Another video article. This article was broadcast on the "Madeira Viva" channel and illustrates very well the use and potential of wearable technology.

The news site "Medico" published an article about the progress of the "Smart Bear" project. Our launch project that deals with wearable technology and access to information.

We consider it a great honor to be a part of the global media distribution and are happy that our project and our tangent projects are being exposed to more and more people, organizations and professionals and medicine.

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