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Madeira's Digital Transformation Summit & The ICU4Covid GA

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Madeira's Digital Transformation Summit will take place on October 24th -27th. The summit which is supported by the Maderia government will bring together several persons from government, European Commission, academia, industry, and the. Together they will set the stage for the development of a human-centric vision for the digital society. A wide range of digital transformation areas will be covered, including health, manufacturing, maritime, smart cities, energy, as well as multiple types of digital services being developed and offered by the European Digital Innovation Hub network.ICU4COIVD will be key participants in the summit, including all project partners with moderators and panelists. The ICU4Covid GA will take place during the Digital Transformation summit on the 26-27 of October. In the meetings, the results of the project will be presented along with a demonstration of the telehealth system.

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