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First photos from the General Assembly - a visit to Madeira Hospital

Thanks to the successful general meeting and the visit of the partners at Madeira Hospital, we have great pictures that can demonstrate the system and its capabilities.

Univ.Prof. Dr. med. Gernot Marx demonstrates the operation of the MONA system

During the visit to Aachen in Germany the team leaders and partners visited Madeira Hospital where they saw the system working, connecting doctors across Europe and contributing to saving lives.

Among other things, they saw the robotic hand - part of our project - and received an update from local medical staff on the processes and implications of using telemedicine technology.

Photos from left to right: demonstration of the robotic arm, communication via the MONA system, the CPS4TIC cockpit

As part of the visit, they visited the cockpit of the project - an innovative control center that centralizes the information, updates and activities of the project. The cockpit centralizes the data and mediates between urgent medical communication systems.

More photos will be uploaded to our social media accounts in the coming days.

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