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Digital transformation of medical centers is not a one-time event

The many socio-cultural changes that are taking place around us, are the result of the massive adoption and assimilation of digital technologies in our various aspects of life. From banks to public transportation, from education to food, during our daily lives we encounter more and more systems that are going digital.

Even though it feels that way sometimes, the change is not happening all at once. Digital transformation is a change that is advancing in waves driven by technological advancement and the accessibility of innovations. Each digitization wave has a specific set of social and economic impacts.

The first wave of digitization is associated with the introduction and adoption of what today is considered “mature” technologies. The second wave of digitization - entails the diffusion of the Internet and its corresponding platforms. The third wave of digitization - Which we are experiencing right now - entails the adoption of a range of advanced technologies.

The assimilation of advanced telecommunication systems in medical centers is a real expression of digital transformation. Making specific medical systems smarter, faster and more tentative is a complex and multi-system process. This is a process that, as mentioned, does not happen in a day. The process is built on the experience the medical centers have gained in the past, the way professionals have received and adopted technologies in the past and interpersonal communication.

The understanding that the installation and implementation of advanced digital systems are part of digital transformation processes is an important understanding. It allows us to see the medical center within its multi-wave and ongoing process. As it also allows us to adapt the assimilation program to the specific point in time, which is experienced differently, in different medical centers in Europe

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