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ICU4COVID in Madeira Digital Health and Wellbeing initiative

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The President of the Madeira Regional Government Miguel Albuquerque presented (24.05.2021) the innovative initiatives located in the region and gave a special place to the ICU4COVID project.

We are delighted and excited about the privilege of taking part in the progressive work of the Madeira region of Portugal, and see such collaborations as a valuable international base. Collaborations of this kind can benefit and contribute to many countries and communities across Europe and around the world.

Our project, which aims for easy and fast communication between medical communities, is another significant step for Europe on its way to becoming a medical innovation center - which has the capabilities to transfer medical information easily, quickly and with complementary reciprocity.

Since its unveiling, the ICU4covid project joins a long tradition of tools designed to facilitate and protect medical teams and advance global digital medicine. His exposure at this event is another important step forward.

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