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Bridging language gaps - connecting technological, medical, and social language

The main goal of our project is to succeed in shortening the path between data collection and receiving care and enabling fast and cost-effective communication between different medical communities. The ability to do this is based on the existence of a common language. But how do you do that when the project combines technological, medical, and social aspects?

The different languages ​​of our professional communities are based on the fact that we, and our partners, understand the context in which the discourse takes place - we know the linguistic shortcuts and the special codes used in each and every language. Therefore, when people from the same field use language, orally or in writing, special problems usually do not arise. However, a discourse that combines different areas of practice can lead to problems of inaccuracy, ambiguity, and confusion. Which can be very problematic when it comes to talking about saving lives.

One of the most significant lessons we have learned in this project is to succeed in bridging the gaps in language - between the technological, medical, and social language. The difference between them is not only in their character but also in the way they explain reality.

Trying to bridge the gaps between These three distinct languages requires us first to look at the similarities that bind them together. One of the most interesting things to discover is that they all rely on traditions, norms, beliefs, and values ​​that make them what they are.

ICU4COVID aims to be a bridge through which technological, medical, and social language connect. They all have a great influence on each other and the ability to successfully weave them together depends on patience, understanding, and willingness to learn. To know more about what connects us than about what separates us.

We invite you to read more about this important lesson on the 'Lessons Learned' page on our website, and of course to share this article further.

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