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Large-scale pilot

Large-scale pilot deployment of CPS4TIC in ICU Hubs: An agile, learning, enhanced and sustainable European solution.

ICU4Covid aims at rapid delivery of the CPS4TIC innovation to better care for patients, healthcare staff and to mitigate the outbreak by reducing infections. Full deployment and sustainable exploitation throughout the EU will enhance ICU capacities, efficiency, and effectiveness for fighting the pandemic. It will establish the CPS4TIC in large-scale pilots combining recent developments in Tele-Intensive Care Medicine with smart bedside tools.

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Large-scale pilot
CPS4TIC Blueprint

CPS4TIC Blueprint

CPS4TIC blueprint: Solution for communes and regions in Europe for COVID-19

ICU4Covid aims at co-creating and delivering the design of a blueprint as a master reference template for integration, use, and roll-out of the CPS4TIC throughout the EU and beyond. An OPEN CALL will provide the opportunity for hospitals to join the ICU Hubs and the pilots using the CPS4TIC and the blueprint as a master reference template. The master template also addresses the ethical and social dimensions for rapid integration in a real clinical environment. Using a co-design approach, including stakeholders of the healthcare journey, it is further capable to incorporate social and societal implications. ICU4Covid engages with stakeholders and health authorities through the DIH4CPS and the key clinical core centers to inform, discuss and develop synergies for the sustainable rollout of the technology, contributing to the European digital transformation of health and overcoming the crisis.

Specific Objectives

Specific Objectives






CPS4TIC large scale pilot and deployment: 8 (4+4) Digital ICU Hubs with central and peripheral hospitals in Europe to bring capacity boost to Intensive Care Medicine for COVID-19 to EU citizens and protect the healthcare workforce from infections.
Related Work Packages: WP2 and WP3

Clinical monitoring, performance and validation for COVID-19 use case “lung infection, respiratory and organ failure” for screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients.
Related Work Package: WP3

To integrate the CPS4TIC pilots in a co-creation process to assure a human-centered innovation, acceptance and functional design.
Related Work Package: WP4

To comply with relevant ethics, security requirements and data protection legislation and to promote good practices in the implementation of security and privacy implementation.
Related Work Package(s): WP1, WP4

Master template to establish ICU Hubs: a blueprint for use and roll - out the CPS4TIC rapidly scalable and ready for knowledge transfer and cooperation.
Related Work Packages: WP3, WP5
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