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About Us
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ICU4COVID is a Cyber-Physical System for Telemedicine and Intensive Care (CPS4TIC) - a  medicine solution for well respond to COVID-19 further outbreaks or similar infectious diseases.

The CPS4TIC consists of a telemedicine cockpit, a connector platform and smart hubs. The hub continuous real-time telemonitoring and smart care environment. 

The CPS4TIC is shaped for delivery of the level of treatment that is needed for the individual patient in an effective, economic, and efficient manner. By integrated use of telemedicine, the time gain for diagnosis and treatment are significant. Thus, resources can be used more efficiently, and staff exposure will be further diminished.

Our mission

The vision and key objective of ICU4Covid is to deliver intensive care medicine fit for the fight against COVID-19 to the EU citizen and the health workforce rapidly and at scale by clinically validating and deploying the Cyber-Physical-system for Tele- and Intensive Care Medicine (CPS4TIC).

The best medical treatment to: Everyone, Everywhere, Any time

Our Mission


Reduces the distance as a barrier between patients and physicians. 

Transport of patients can be minimized, while patient real-time monitoring is assured


Get a personalized diagnostics and clinical management of COVID-19 patients that are clinically entering a critical stage for a high number of cases


 Protect from further spreading of the disease among the healthcare workforce and the patients


Enables access to the recommended coverage of intensive care, real-time telemonitoring and bedside smart care environment 

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